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  • Karen Bauguess

    The entire time I was considered actively taking a course, the module was in ORANGE it did not indicate any progress was made however allowed me continue each time I logged back in the module and continue where I left off. The module or dashboard did not track any progress whatsoever however the game board dashboard did show each step around the square that I completed.  Now 8 days later I have no evidence on the gameboard dashboard of this course that It was ever started. I spent 4 hrs on the website navigating and learning and now I am unable to continue the course.  There is no support material on here to help a user that can't login and continue where they left off.  I paid $200 for a course I was only able to complete 10% of it and can't get assistance.

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  • Amy Feder


    Thank you very much for your feedback and for contacting Genius. We have created a ticket around your request and have already sent you a reply internally. I have contacted your Administrator and he should be in contact with you soon with additional help on the issues you are facing. 

    We are sorry that the Knowledge Base did not help, but please keep in mind that behind these articles, there is a team of people who are committed to your success as a learner and who are ready to help. 

    Thank you, 


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