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  • Karen Bauguess

    I initally started my courses on 8 Sept. I had accessed my dashboard over a dozen times during that day and started and stopped the course over a three hour period several times. I took multiple quizzes and managed to get through 4 Clusters. The dashboard never measured my progreess as active started or how many accesses I attempted. However each time I logged in, I was able to resume somehow where I left off. Just 8 days later, The course activity module did not log any data of my entry in and out of the site or how much I completed. I log in to continue where I left off and the course shows no progress, no evidence that I ever accessed anything in the learning modules and It is trying to start me off at the very beginning of the course.  I invested over an hour trying to learn how to navigate and get into the module itself and then 3 hours taking the different clusters and their associated quiz for each cluster. Now I am unable to continue where I left off. I paid $200 for an online course using software that has a lot of difficulties associated with it. I have searched over this forum for FAQ's to help figure out, how do I continue to log back in and start off where I left off.    There is no material presented on this Help Knowledge Base website to assist someone who is having problems continuing the course where they left off.  There is also no indication anywhere that if you start the course you have to finish it within a certain period of time.  I am left clueless as to what to do and there is no support guidance for this software.  

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